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Practice Areas

Preventive Counseling

  • hiring, evaluation and discharge practices
  • compliance with wage and hour, family and medical leave, anti-discrimination and benefits laws
  • using independent contractors and temporary workers

Employment Litigation

  • discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims
  • environmental, financial and other whistleblower claims
  • covenants against competition, theft of trade secrets, and breach of duty claims
  • contract and wage claims
  • workplace violence claims
  • defamation claims

Labor Relations

  • union avoidance techniques
  • representation before NLRB and PLRB
  • collective bargaining
  • grievance and arbitration proceedings
  • contract administration


  • recruitment and selection procedures
  • equal employment opportunity practices
  • effective workplace communications
  • firing without fear
  • avoiding workplace violence

Independent Investigations

  • sexual harassment and other discrimination claims
  • workplace violence claims
  • whistleblower and other retaliation claims
  • wage and hour claims

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